Introducing Weibo the ‘Twitter’ of China

Despite having the world's largest population and the second-largest economy, social media in China hasn't taken off as quickly as it has in other developed countries. Part of that has to do with the Chinese government. Although it may not be as strict as it once was in terms of censoring the content it allows its citizens to view online, it still is far more restrictive than most European countries or the US. The Chinese government continues to be serious about cracking down on dissent Read more [...]

Are Reviews important to increase Conversions?

It's no secret that most people today use their mobile devices to search for the products and services they want. Recommendations from their social media contacts are important, but even more influential are the reviews that accompany product descriptions on Amazon, Yelp!, eBay and other popular sites. How important are reviews in the online decision making process? One recent poll found that a whopping 85% of people said they were influenced one way or another by an online review before Read more [...]

Is the Party Over Now that the FCC Passed Net Neutrality?

As you probably heard by now, the Federal Communications Commission recently approved new rules based on the principles of "net neutrality" that essentially finally put some sort of regulations over Internet usage. Some are calling it the "Equal Opportunity Act" for Internet speeds and access to websites. But is this ultimately good or bad for the typical Internet user? First of All, What Is Net Neutrality? People banter the term "net neutrality" around like they understand what it Read more [...]

Link Building May Actually Harm Your Rankings?

When Google launched its' Penguin and Panda updates to its search engine algorithm, it became pretty obvious that the gig was up when it came to using backlinks to improve an individual web page's site ranking. For years, black hat IMers had been packing their pages with inorganic backlines because - up until the updates, anyway - having tons of backlinks in general could land you on the front page for your keywords. And if you included links from authoritative sites - such as or Read more [...]

Ways to Create Fresh Content to Keep Visitors Coming Back!

Creating new content is critical to the success of your web pages, but let's face it: It's also a pain in the but*t. It often seems like you've already said everything you want to say about your blog or website's subject matter. Yet if you don't provide a constant stream of fresh, engaging content, you risk alienating your regular visitors and you could stop attracting new fans. 'Refresh' Your Pages with Engaging Content Here's some easy ways to keep your blog or website engaging and interesting Read more [...]