How to Make Money Online With YouTube

Many YouTube users may not even know that there is money to be made with YouTube video uploads. It may sound surprising, but there is a great business opportunity with YouTube through simple common videos which any consumer can put together and upload. Well designed everyday videos are readily liked by many viewers; these videos can actually generate a lucrative income with the proper tools and marketing strategies put in place. The market has plenty of resources to educate and assist any interested Read more [...]

How to avoid a NO and Gets More Yeses in Marketing

The last thing we want to hear from our leads is one simple word: No. No is the death of a sale, the end of a funnel, the loss of a lead.  So while it might seem pretty obvious that you want to give your leads more chances to say yes, some internet marketers don't follow through with this.  For example, think about the classic website that you land on after a Google search.  You read through the content and at the bottom, there's a link that you can click to learn more, or in reality, make Read more [...]

You Must Master One Traffic Stream…Here are Your Choices

Online business success can be boiled down to just two things… 1. Generate traffic 2. Have an offer that converts Everything else is just details, tactics, bells and whistles. If you don’t have a converting offer, you’ll struggle. And if you don’t have traffic, well, you don’t have anything at all. So, step one for online success is mastering one paid traffic stream. Don’t start by trying to learn a little about every conceivable form of traffic. You’ll just end up being a Read more [...]

5 Best PPC and Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate marketing is very popular today with variants such as Pay-per-Click and Pay-per-Lead. This is widely indulged in by consumers from all walks of life who want to generate extra income in the midst of rising cost of living. Modern technologies open many online business opportunities and avenues to secure a constant income on the Internet without giving up a full time job to supplement income and sustain current affluent lifestyles. Online marketing via affiliate marketing is more than Read more [...]

Make a better Call To Action

The standard call to action has become far too recognizable for the Internet savvy masses who know a hard sell when they see one.  They know when they click "Sing Up Here" that they are likely going to receive spam.  They know that when they click "Buy Now" they are going to have to spend money.  And while these will still work for products and services that customers are actively looking to purchase or sign up for, it becomes a harder sell to pull off when you're marketing niceties rather Read more [...]