Selling Your Services through Microgigs

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Selling Your Services through Microgigs

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Microgig websites are sites in which freelancers can offer their services and connect with clients. They’re different from regular freelance sites because they offer ‘microgigs’ – small jobs for a set amount of pay. The best-known microgig site is, but there are many others such as Dealerr, TenBux, GigBucks, UpHype, GigHour, JustaFive… and the list goes on.

The Microgig Model

All of these sites use the same model. You offer your services for a short, quick job. Each job is listed at the same price. For example, all of Fiverr’s gigs are $5. Other sites range anywhere from $5 to $100 and some have several pricing options. As the Fiverr motto says, ‘What would you do for five dollars?’ The system makes hiring help easy and it’s a very lucrative way to get a great deal of business quickly.

Your Freelance Skills at Work

Microgig sites can be used for any type of freelancing services. Video production is popular, with service providers offering to make videos of themselves singing happy birthday, shouting a message, doing an impersonation, etc. Designers use microgig sites to design logos or make eBook covers. Providers offer web services such as setting up WordPress blogs, SEO help, social media tasks, article writing, and more.

A Race to the Bottom?

There’s only one problem – a microgig doesn’t offer you much in the way of long-term, reliable income. How can you work for just five dollars? There are a few ways to make it pay. One is to decide exactly how much work is worth the five dollars for you. If you’re a content writer, for example, five dollars may be too low for you to write an entire article, but it might be alright for a 250-word blog post. You can then offer “add-on” services so that buyers can choose to get a larger job from you than the basic rate.

The Sales Funnel Entrance

Many freelancers use sites like Fiverr not to make money but to draw prospective clients into their sales funnel. It’s a promotional tool. You can do this by wowing your microgig clients with outstanding quality and then direct them to your site, where you offer a wider range of offers. However, you’ll have to be careful to comply with the terms of service of each site. Many do not allow you to put a website link into your conversations with clients.

Some freelancers create a Fiverr profile for a limited time. They do a number of gigs and once they’ve established a good relationship with their clients, they close their account and direct them to their freelancing website.

Becoming a Top Provider

Microgig sites have many providers offering similar services, so you need to make yours stand out. Think of something you can do (and are willing to do for the site’s set price) and research the site to see who else is offering that service. Put a slight twist on yours or throw in an extra value to make it unique.

For your first few gigs, focus on providing excellent quality rather than making people pay. Rate your clients well and this will encourage them to give you a good rating. As your rating improves, you’ll get more business through the site.

Finally, even though only a handful of microgig sites get a great deal of use, sign up for as many as you can for leverage. You may be able to dominate a few of the sites for the particular services you’re offering.

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